Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh where, oh where can she be?

Oh, my!  Sixteen days since my last blog post.  All I can say is, things happen.  Sometimes things that you don't want to happen.  And sometimes things that should happen don't happen.  Things like blog posts and being creative and keeping in touch with friends and relations as well as one should.  And house cleaning.  That happens far less often than it should around here.

I've been working on the being creative part off and on over the last few days, so I'll be back later this week with an update on that (Honest, I will!).  And here I am writing a blog post, just to let anyone that might be wondering know that, yes, I am still here.

And because my blog posts must have something for you to look at, here are some alien fungi that landed in my back yard last week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where's Larry at?

That title is not grammatically proper, I know, but I just made my very first lariat necklace and I really wanted to give it that name in my shop.  But the necklace is so pretty and dainty and one of my first two offerings of custom bridal jewelry, so I just couldn't do it.  There are matching earrings, too, and oh-so-many options for custom color accents.  If you happen to know of a bride wanting something special for herself or her bridesmaids, please be sure to have them look at my Delicata lariat and earrings...featured right now over there to the right and below as modeled by my own darling daughter.


But watch out, my next lariat might end up being named Larry....and I'll be sure to let you know where he's at.