Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beware of potholes in the road ahead.

I know I've said it many times....I'm a procrastinator.  Getting projects to completion has always been a problem for me.  Would you believe I made these earrings before Christmas and then waited a whole month to take pictures of them, but still haven't listed them in my Etsy shop even though another month has passed?

Suddenly I have a new challenge ahead.  I found out about what looks like a nice-sized handmade craft and vintage goods show taking place in Arlington on March 31.  In fact, I found out about it on the last day for submitting applications.  I didn't have time to even think about it.  I just knew I wanted to do a show beyond the two church bazaars I've participated in, so I emailed the application right then and there.  Within a few hours I got word that my application had been accepted.  Now I seriously need to sit down and make some more jewelry.  I have 38 pieces available, including those earrings up there.  That might be enough, since I certainly don't expect to sell it all in one day, but a little more variety certainly can't hurt.

Looming deadlines are good, right?  I've got the Keno group coming here three weeks from today.  I've got to get a few house things finished beyond the one big project I completed before my book club met here a couple of weeks ago.  That project is something I've been meaning to blog about, too.  I did take a few pictures, but mainly sort of midway through the process, so I need to take more.  I need to have blogging deadlines.  I'm sure other bloggers set deadlines for themselves.  Don't they?

Speaking of other bloggers, I added a couple of new ones to my blog roll over there to the right.  Check out Young House Love and Teal & Lime if you want to see some inspired and inspiring home design projects.  If I ever get that post written about my big project, you'll see just how inspiring they can be.

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BrierPatch said...

Deadlines are good. That's the only thing that keeps me on track these days.

Sounds lille a big show in March. I'm glad you are particating.

Off to check out those blogs you suggested.