Old What's-Her-Name

Since I found out I'm going to be a grandmother, there has been an ongoing discussion of what I would like my grandmother name to be.  So many possibilities! 

Grandma?  Too traditional for me...and it's what all the grandchildren call my mother-in-law.  Mimi?  No, that's my mom, although it seems to be a popular choice among many of my friends who have reached grandmotherhood.  Grandmommy was what we called my maternal grandmother.  My paternal grandmother was Ma-maw.  All the variations of Nana, Nanna, Nona just don't seem like me (to me, anyway).  I'm sure there are many other options that I haven't considered at all.

My preferred name was suggested by my sister-in-law Claudia and my friend Beth, both of them knowing that I've used it as a nickname online for years.  It's a nickname that was bestowed upon me by my friend Susan back in our high school days...a combination of part of my first name and my middle initial.  I'm so used to being "Jancey" now that it seems the most natural thing for my grandchild to call me, too.

Jennifer is not so sure about it.  She asked me yesterday if I was certain that's what I wanted to be called, also telling me that her mother-in-law thinks it's cute (and it's not too close to what she's considering).  When I said that I was 98 percent sure about it, she suggested that I ask my blog readers their opinion.  So, dear readers, what do you think?  And what do your grandchildren call you?  Is it a name you picked, or was it chosen for you?  Or if you're not yet a grandmother or grandfather, what would you want your future grandchildren to call you?

p.s.  Both grandfathers-to-be want to be called "Granddad".  We need to work on them.

p.p.s. Only 87 days until the due date!!!


  1. My mom had thought about being Nana (her mom was Nanny), but she wasn't sure until my nephew was born. She was holding him one day and just knew that she had to be Nana.
    My dad is Papa (short for Paparazzi), and my father-in-law is Papa (prounounced Pawpaw). That might be a little confusing. My mother-in-law is Grandma. David constantly gets confused on whose name is whose, because his grandparents were just Grandma and Grandpa (Last Name).
    I think Jancey is cute, memorable, and prounounceable. :)

  2. Does your dad follow everyone around with a camera? That's really funny!

    Thanks for the vote for Jancey!

  3. Yes, Beth, I do! Have you decided what you want to be called?

  4. I think Jancey is a good grandmother name. My grandkids call me Jama. It was a name that just kind of evolved between myself, my son, and my daughter-in- law. Barry is Poppy. Our first grandchild started calling him that and, of course, whatever your grandchild calls you melts your heart and is the best name ever.

  5. I love just plain old Grandma. It feels comfortable and easy. That's what my granddaughters call me. But, I might mention, sometimes, no matter what you decide, the child will come up with their own name for for!

  6. Jan, Jama is really cute! And so is Poppy! And both you and Mary are absolutely right....if my granddaughter picks her own name for me, that will be just perfect, too. :)

  7. I also meant to tell you that my daughter has around 84 days until her baby is due.

  8. Should we start making bets on which baby arrives first? :)


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