Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mirror Mirror...

Definitely the fairest of them all (in the opinion of her grandmother, at least)!


Yes, the mirror is attached to the crib rail upside down, because the velcro straps are sewn to the bottom.  I did not notice this when I bought it, since it was firmly wired into its packaging, as these things always are.  It took me half an hour to negotiate its release.  Kaylee doesn't care.  She spent ten minutes fussing at the upside-down ladybug before she noticed herself in the mirror.  If she were at all willing to cooperate about tummy time, she'd be able to reach that ladybug (it has a spinning rattle in the middle) because the mirror  is designed to stand up on the floor. 

Like the sound of ocean waves?  Alas, it's just her Sleep Sheep.  We use it to pretend we live at the beach, because, of course, that is its intended purpose. 

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BrierPatch said...

So cute. Aren't grandchildren the best?
Nothing says beach more than a sheep!