Have I told you lately that I love you?

Just some favorite things...

This blog post, perfect in its simple celebration of a much-watched
and talked-about event.

These folks and their unpictured cohorts.  You've heard tell of them, I'm sure...the famous Bunko Babes. Glad we could be where we were when we were in spite of some unfortunate conditions.

This blog, because it's beautiful and really needs to be included in my favorites list here on my blog.

These.  It should be forbidden for anyone to sell them to me.  Or the coconut ones, either.

This bracelet.  Breathtaking.  I wish I had made it.  I wish I could buy it.

Every song ever recorded by this guy.  It's the voice.  It's the words.  I don't know what it is.

This game.  And the friends that play it with me.

This baby.  And the mommy that's talking to her.  I could eat them both up.

That is all for today. 


  1. Seeing this list made me smile. Thanks for sharing. We all need to take time to appreciate our daily lives.


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