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Hello. My name is Janet. I'm currently a little more than halfway through my fifty-seventh year. I have been married just a little over thirty-five years to a man you may hear me call Fred, even though that's not really his name. We are blessed with a beautiful and intelligent daughter whom we happily married off a little over one year ago. That means we also have one very fine son-in-law. Our family is completed by three cats...Gracie, Twinkie and Ruby the Tiny Terror, who, at the ripe old age of approximately six weeks, just joined the family last week.

I have only minimal blogging experience, having been an infrequent blogger on my MySpace page. I've had a Blogger account for quite a long time, because I like to comment on other blogs, and anonymous comments seem a little rude. Always in the back of my mind was the idea that one day, one day, I would start my blog. The need has seemed more urgent lately, as I have recently decided to become an internet entrepreneur. In other words, I have become a seller on Etsy, the online mecca for all things handmade and vintage.

Alright, now. I hear you thinking to yourself, "Oh, no. She wants to sell us something." Well, true. The whole point of opening up my shop on Etsy is to sell someone something. And selling something online requires a presence in more places than just that site. addition to MySpace and Facebook, you can also follow me on Twitter @jgrumbling and now you can read this very blog, right here.

Unless you're one of my friends, or a member of my family, or you've already clicked the links in the preceding paragraph, you may be wondering what it is that I'm trying to sell. The answer, my dears, is jewelry. Jewelry that I make myself with my own two admittedly arthritic hands. Jewelry that I make while sitting at my dining room table. Jewelry that was not at first, and perhaps still isn't, particularly wonderful or stylish or creative, but I still enjoyed making it. And as I work at it, I think....I hope....that it will get better. More creative, particularly. More skillfully crafted. More like something you might want to buy, for yourself or for someone you care about.

Okay, enough with the introductions and explanations. Hopefully I haven't bored you to tears or run you off yet. Let's get on with the fun. Here's a glimpse of something I made last night.

These exact earrings won't be showing up in my Etsy shop, since I made them as a gift for a friend. But they represent the direction that my designs are moving in, so perhaps you'll see something similar very soon. I do have new items to add to my Etsy shop, although I have had the great fortune to be delayed by several custom jewelry orders.

I do hope you'll give this blogging novice a chance. I promise I'll try not to be too pushy with my jewelry. Hopefully I'll even be able to entertain you to a certain degree. So come on back now, ya hear?


  1. hi there! like it.. keep it up!
    but twitter? no.. not me. going to stay in the dark ages regarding that one.

  2. I like this direction- very cool earrings...

  3. That's okay, Myra. Twitter is not for everyone. I didn't think it was for me, but now that I'm using it, it's kind of fun. I do find it hard to fit my thoughts into 140 characters, though. I tend to be wordy.

    Thanks, Beth! I appreciate your encouragement, as always!


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