Just sitting here thinking...

Thinking about what I could write, what I could do, what I haven't done that I need to do, whatever.

I could claim winter doldrums as my excuse for my inability to actually act on my thoughts, but is that allowed here in Texas where there really isn't much of a winter compared to other parts of the country?  We're not snowed in (although we do have a possibility of snow in the forecast for Friday), it's not too gloomy (although the clouds have moved in, but once in a while the sun is peeking through) and 62 degrees is certainly not cold (although the cold is coming back in the next couple of days).

Of course, what's really going on is a lack of something....inspiration, funds, encouragement, funds, confidence, funds, creativity....and oh, yeah, did I mention funds?  Otherwise, don't I have everything I need?  I should be at my work table whipping out oodles of pretty baubles in hopes that someone might actually want to buy them.  Or maybe just whipping out those pretty baubles because they make me happy.  Instead I'm standing at the sink washing dishes because the dishwasher hasn't worked since just before Christmas (and repairing or replacing it requires those darn funds, don't you know?).  Or I'm playing silly games on Facebook and hoping that I get another email saying that I've made a sale on Etsy (not to mention hoping that a call or email comes saying that our fortunes will take a turn for the better and there will once again be enough of those darn funds to go around).

These make me happy, so I keep sneaking them out of my inventory to wear them myself.  I'm thinking I should cut my hair really short again so that someone notices them when I do wear them.


And I really want to wear these bracelets, but I hate to do that, because there's the possibility of hitting them against something and marring their pristine newness.  I can't do that, even if I do love bracelets more than any other piece of jewelry.

I have made one sale this week, as well as making a new necklace for my shop....

And this bracelet for Jen, made out of large lampwork beads a friend purchased for her in Fredericksburg....


I don't know if this post makes any sense (perhaps I should just delete it), but what's my blog for if not to unload what's on my mind (so, okay, I won't delete it)?  Now I think I'll go read someone else's more cheerful blog.  If you'd like to do the same, join me at one of those listed over there on the right.  And of course, if you're interested in any of the items pictured above (except Jen's bracelet, of course....although I could certainly make a similar one for you), you can also find a handy link to my Etsy shop over there on the right, as well.  I need the funds, you know.  :)


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