It's been a long, long, long time.....

and I suppose you've missed me terribly, right?  Well, here I am, so you can call off the search party.  What?  You haven't sent out a search party?  Well, alrighty then.....

Okay, it's inexcusable not to post anything on my blog for almost three months.  So I should have lots saved up to tell you.  You might or might not be disappointed to know that I really don't have much.  I'm still washing dishes (or avoiding it whenever possible), playing games on Facebook (my latest addiction is one called Bubble Spinner), having fun with those Bunko Babes and Keno Gals and Book Club Vixens (I just now named the book club ladies that...I hope they don't mind) and making jewelry. 

If you tend to notice what I'm listing in my Etsy shop, you may have noticed that I have listed seventeen new items since my last blog post....yes, half of my current inventory is NEW!  Aside from those, I have also made four custom order items that I've sold offline, as well as three custom orders through Etsy.  Seven other items have sold, three online and four offline.  Slowly but surely this is beginning to look more like a business!  Here are pictures of some of the custom pieces I made.....

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So, that's pretty much everything you've missed.  No, wait!  I did want to share the very best Mother's Day present I've received in all of my 29 years of motherhood.....



  1. Being a grandma is the BEST!

  2. Hi Janet! Congratulations! I'm having grandma envy because I have grown kids but no grandkids in sight. Lucky you!

    Janet in Tucson

  3. Thanks, Janet! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I was happy to be introduced to yours the other day.

    Wow, I wonder if I can get all the other Janets I know to comment. That would be fun!


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