In the pink!

Did you guess what we were waiting for in my last post?  The news as to what grandchild-to-be will be, of course.  And here she is....

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  1. Congratulations! Have you picked out your grandma name yet?

  2. Congratulations! I have a granddaughter due around that same time. I am thinking designing baby and toddler jewelry could be in your future.

    Jan Brier

  3. Oh, how exciting- LOVE baby girls!!!(Of course I love baby boys, too!) Very happy for you all...

  4. Thanks, Katrina! Sent you a message on Facebook in answer to your question. :)

    Thank you, Jan! Congratulations on your granddaughter, too! Baby jewelry might be an option to make specifically for my granddaughter, but there are too many regulations that you have to provide documentation of to make it to sell.

    It is exciting, Beth! And I was feeling mean not posting it, since I've known since last Tuesday. I knew you'd be looking. :)


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