Oh dear!
Oh dearie me!

I've been invited to participate in my first craft show in November, which means that I really need to get on the ball and get some silver ordered so I'll have enough inventory to participate.  I've been putting off ordering anything, but I'm down to about two inches of chain and there's very little wire left.  I've been playing around with some copper wire for some new earring designs, but so far it's just playing, except for one pair I've been wearing myself.  I've gotten some beautiful new beads and findings lately, but I haven't made anything out of any of them.  Nothing but scheming going on around here, except for this tiny pretty sapphire and pearl necklace, a custom order for a September birthday....

I have ordered a custom banner from JumpUpandDown to personalize my table at the craft show, so when that arrives I'll select my table covering and gather up some things I have around the house to use as display props, but I think what's really needed here is a bit more jewelry.  Somebody give me a swift kick toward my studio, okay?


  1. You can do it! Where is the craft show?

  2. Thanks, Jan! It's not a big show, but it's a start, and they told me they were "hand-picking" the vendors, so that's flattering. It will be at a church in Everman on Saturday, November 20th. I'll be posting details here and on Facebook closer to the date.

  3. Yay! So glad you're doing this, Janet. Your jewelry is so cool and classy that I can you getting into Main St. Art's Festival one of these days- sounds like you just need more inventory. You go, Girl!

  4. Thanks, Beth! You know I always appreciate how much you cheer me on! :)

  5. That will be a great time to be in a show, people will be looking for Christmas gifts, yahoo!


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