Fred finally gets to hold his granddaughter!

Kaylee sleeps through her first official lunch date with Mom, Jancey and Mimi...

 and Jen takes a picture to send to Josh.

All of the above happened last week, sandwiched between my nephew's lovely wedding and Fred's lovely birthday.  As usual I am slow in getting pictures uploaded.  The camera has stayed in my purse since our lunch date, in fact.  Then came this week, filled with cold weather and local schools closed for four days and lots of Netflix and on top of the unmelted ice and snow from Tuesday, this morning we woke up to this...

Fred keeps threatening to sand and paint those rusty chairs, and even though I wouldn't dare sit in them in their current condition, I really hate the idea of losing all of that funky crackly paint and rust.  They're so terribly photogenic, whether they're used as a backdrop for jewelry photography or covered in snow.


  1. Precious baby. I agree , the chairs have character.

  2. Fred looks a natural...and Kaylee looks like she'll be enjoying more lunches with the ladies since she was so well behaved at this one- good job,Kaylee!!


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