I'm looking forward to spending my spring watching this little sprout bloom!

Photo courtesy of her mommy's iPhone.  It certainly takes better photos than my phone does.  Maybe I need one?  I also seem to be having a problem getting pictures from my phone to my computer.  I can send them to Facebook and save them from there, but then I can't enlarge them into anything but a blur.  I wonder where that USB cable that came with the phone ran away to?  I haven't ever used it....and I think there's a disc with software that I have to install, too.  Hmmmm.....

Here's one I took on St. Patrick's Day.  Of course she was wearing green, which coordinated nicely with her crib bedding here at Jancey's house. 

See...all blurry!  Sigh...

So how about a picture of blue jean baby?  Mommy's iPhone to the rescue! 

Yeah, okay, I'll look for that cable.  After I wash the dishes and finish the taxes and play with Kaylee for a day or three.  See you Tuesday...



  2. You know I'm just eating these pictures up!

  3. So cute. So many photos, so little time.

  4. She is so beautiful and precious- aren't they great??!!!!

  5. Thanks, friends! And yes, Beth, they are totally great!


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