Saturday, Sitterday

My Saturdays are all too often sit-around-and-do-nothing days, even snowballing into a whole weekend of sitting around, with nothing at all accomplished.  I almost always hate myself for wasting so much time that I'll never get back.  I'm a bit more on track this month, having already spent at least one day of each weekend in my studio/laundry room, sometimes making jewelry while I was doing laundry.

So, it's mid-afternoon and so far I've gotten out of bed before 8:00 a.m. (WOW!), had tea and checked email and my usual online haunts, cleaned the bathroom, removed the equivalent of three cat coats and eleven spider circuses from the dining table and chairs, vacuumed the worst of the dust kitties (I don't think they're dust bunnies if they consist totally of cat hair) from where they congregate around the living room, dining room and hallway, had a meeting with a friend/client about some wedding jewelry, talked to another friend on the phone, played Lexulous and Words With Friends, eaten some delicious leftover Hatch chili chicken enchilada casserole (made by my son-in-law, who is an awesome cook, among his many other attributes), read several blogs and debated whether or not to order some sterling wire from Rio Grande or just head to The Artful Bead to buy enough to get the wedding jewelry made.  My bank account says that for today a trip to The Artful Bead is the way to go, so shortly I will head out.  Of course, on the way back I must stop for a while at Starbucks.  It's been at least two weeks since the last time I went, maybe three.

Here's a lovely blog post that caught my eye...Lisa the Lamb's Nursery on Unskinny Boppy.

And here's this week's favorite photo of the lovely baby that keeps me occupied most of the other days of the week...



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