Cheerio chaser

So much fun watching this little munchkin grow and learn. She'll be 10 months old on Friday....can you believe it? Of course, she's into everything that's within her reach and that reach is extending every day. This week she finally pulled herself all the way up onto her feet after several weeks of just pulling up on her knees or on one knee and one foot. She loves playing with her toys, but she loves playing with the TV remote or a cell phone even more. After playing with our iPhones from such a young age, she's going to expect everything to come with touch-screen technology. If I take her to the grocery store, she talks non-stop (don't know what she's saying exactly, but I'm sure she does!), unless someone stops to talk to her....then she takes a moment to study that person before breaking into a big grin and sometimes even clapping her hands.  And yes, she still loves to watch "Jeopardy".


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