Ready to make merry!

It's a little after 10:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and for once in my life I've actually finished wrapping all the gifts. In fact, I finished them four hours ago, even though I didn't start until this afternoon...and I took a couple of hours to go to the grocery store and drug store and Starbuck's in the middle of the project.

I'm somewhat famous in my family for my strange gift wrap themes. This year I matched it, sort of, to my strange tree-decorating theme. I made dozens of little paper fans out of scrapbook paper and stuck them in the branches of the tree. So I used more paper fans to decorate boxes wrapped in dull silver paper and assorted solid-color gift bags, then accented them with brightly colored grosgrain ribbon. I wish I'd used colored paper for the boxes, but I never bought any.

Merry Christmas and happy unwrapping!


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