Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll see ya tomorrow!

If you are anywhere nearby (like, within a 100 mile radius of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex), don't forget that I'll be participating in the inaugural Arlington Courts Spring Market tomorrow, March 31st, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  You'd drive a hundred miles to see me, wouldn't you?  Sure you would!

I've got new jewelry, a borrowed table, a cool new jewelry display tree from West Elm and a ProPay Jak to swipe credit and debit cards using my phone.  I even got a back-up battery for said phone, which usually doesn't last all day without a charge...mostly because of my addiction to game apps, but I promise I won't be playing games on my phone during the show.  I'm taking no chances, anyway.

I received the layout of the facility and I'm in booth 8, which should be on the far right aisle as you enter the shopping area.  You'll have plenty to look at....the vendor list shows 62 vendors selling lots of handmade and vintage goodness.  I'm so excited!  See you there!


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