A week of Etsy treasuries, day 6

Happy day six of my treasury week....and happy June!  Here's a treasury that seems perfect for this month traditionally known for weddings.  The romantic in me hopes that the curator intended it as a real proposal....or maybe she's been proposed to recently....or she just wanted to celebrate June.  Maybe she'll tell us.   

'Will you..?' by MartaAtDesign

Marry me? =)

Personalized Genuine heart s...

marry me : vintage push pins

Marry Me // Engagement Propo...

Vintage Letterpress Type - W...

Will You Marry Me - Ceramic ...

Will You Marry Me .. Vintage...

Hand Stamped Promise Posey R...

Diamond ring - Marry me, han...

Marriage Proposal Ideas, 15 ...

Marry Me Men's T Shirt -...

Proposal Engagement Ring Gif...

Engagement Ring Pillow Vinta...

Yoda in Love -Star Wars - Re...

Marble Magnets or Push Pins ...

Secret Love Letter Vintage B...

Hand Stamped Sterling Silver...


  1. Hello dear! Thank you so much for sharing my treasury! =)

    I want to be proposed in the future, but I just LOVE weddings! =)

    Sometimes I organize weddings, and I love it. Just to celebrate love in a very special way. =)

    Thank you so much darling**

  2. I love all of those. But do men go to etsy for great items items or ideas?

  3. I suppose some men do. There are certainly a lot of men who sell on Etsy, so they probably do some shopping. I've had one male customer so far, shopping for his wife.


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