Remodeling of the jewelry sort, part 1

A couple of months ago a friend handed me the bracelet she was wearing and asked if I could replace the dyed oval mother-of-pearl beads that were attached to it.  She didn't like the way they had faded from their original bright turquoise color. 

When she got a chance to look at my bead supply, she decided on red cuppolini or branch coral beads, so I told her I would see what I could do to attach them in place of the mother-of-pearl beads.  Much trial and error ensued, but nothing I tried to attach the coral beads to the existing bracelet worked.  That bracelet was strung on stretch cord, which  makes for a very comfortable but not particularly sturdy bracelet.  It also makes it relatively impossible for a person with just two hands to work on. 

I finally emailed my friend and told her there was no way that I could work with the bracelet in its current design.  Would she be upset if I took it apart and completely redesigned it?   No, she gave me the go ahead to do whatever I wanted to.  The result is a complete makeover, omitting the metal beads and findings and the elastic thread and stringing it all on beading wire finished with a sterling clasp.  Using more and larger beads between the turquoise nuggets meant that I had two of them left over, so she got a bonus pair of matching earrings. 

She got to see the final result this evening and I think she was pleased.  Of course, it's a tad too big, so I need to make an adjustment.  Why do all of my friends have such tiny wrists?


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