A little bit of autumn in my back yard

Today was cold-ish and gloomy-ish, but overcast days make for nice photos.  Early in the day I stepped out the back door and took the photo of our sad (and no doubt mouse-infested) storage barn and the crackly old metal chairs surrounded by the falling golden leaves of whatever that big bush is.  I could do without the decrepit lawn mower that's also under the bush, but it does fit the color scheme.  There's a red lawn mower lurking just out-of-frame on the left, too.

Later in the afternoon, I picked Kaylee up from Parents' Day Out and brought her back here.  For once she'd actually taken a nap at school, so she was raring to go all afternoon.  Fred, a.k.a. Papa, showed up a while later and asked her if she wanted to go outside to see the leaves.  She was more concerned about having him put on his jacket than she was about putting her own on, but I finally got it on her.  They headed out the back door and I followed, at first in my bare feet and armed only with my phone for pictures, but that plan didn't work out too well.  I came back in for the camera (and some shoes!) so that I could zoom in on her, but my batteries and Kaylee's enthusiasm only lasted for these four shots.  As you can see by the last photo, she decided to leave in a hurry. 


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