Last weekend I got funky....

 ....yeah, not really.  What I did do was participate in Funky Finds Spring Fling.  It was a great show, lots of fun, lots of shoppers, lots of DOGS!   And a few items sold, too. 

lots of people


my booth neighbor, casting hands in wax

my booth

this basset was adopted on day one and returned to enjoy the show on day two

jennifer helped out on day one and came back with kaylee and a friend on day two

more people, more dogs

more dogs, socializing


  1. Wow. There were a lot of dogs there. We're they the adoption dogs or did everyone just bring their dogs. Congratulations on the sales.

  2. I think the only adoption dog in the pictures is the Basset Hound. Lots of people brought their dogs to the show. If you hadn't been so busy getting shipwrecked, you could have brought Magic. :)


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