Forgetful Friday

None of you noticed that I didn't post an Etsy treasury on Tuesday, did you?  Nah, I didn't think so.

It's been a mixed up sort of a week, starting with my four day weekend that was slightly off-kilter from the norm.  When I have them, they usually run Friday through Monday, but this one was Saturday through Tuesday.

So on Saturday, Fred and I celebrated our thirty-ninth wedding anniversary with a movie and ice cream sundaes in the afternoon and dinner that night.  It was a luxury just to spend most of the day together, since that hasn't happened much in the last couple of years (it's a long story).

Sunday was spent alternately being lazy....watching the Indy 500....and working on jewelry.  Monday was a mostly lazy day, no family picnic for Memorial Day (sigh), but I did photograph what I'd made on Sunday and getting them listed on a lump in just one listing!

Tuesday had me back in full productive mode, reading to fourth graders, finding out that one of those pairs of earrings had sold, coming home to rebuild a pair of earrings for a friend and then packing both the sold earrings and the remodeled ones and heading to the post office.  The only thing I forgot to do was to create a Treasury Tuesday post!  So there's always next Tuesday, if I remember.  See you then?

Oh, and here's a picture of the cutie-pie, on her last day of Parents' Day Out and one of her few times to willingly go down the slide.  The PDO teachers never could get her to do it, but Mommy could!


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