It's been years since I've hung plates on  a wall (and oddly enough, the last time I did, I chose to hang them in a bathroom!).  In fact, it's been years since I moved much of anything around on my walls. 

This Crate & Barrel ad (I snapped a photo of it from page 33 of the October 2013 issue of Elle Decor) has got me inspired.  I absolutely love the look of white plates on white walls, but there are no white walls in my house [edited 10/19...I lied...the family room has creamy white painted paneling, but I'm not planning on hanging any plates there, even though the kitchen opens into it]. Besides, the only "collection" of white plates I have are the remaining seven dinner plates and two salad plates from an old set of Pfaltzgraff dishes (I do still have all twelve of the saucers). 

What I do have in the way of a plate collection are aqua Luray Pottery platters in two sizes, as well as a large round Fiesta platter in turquoise. They currently reside on top of my computer armoire with a collection of smaller vintage and new turquoise pottery serving pieces...and an impressive dust collection. Not enough to cover a wall, to be sure, but now I'm itching to find more. 

Of course, what I love about the plates in the ad are the mix of shapes and the scattering of very artsy blue and white plates among the white ones, and of course the arrangement that floats up and over one set of double doors. My dining room has an eight-and-a-half-foot ceiling with one door at one end, with an eight-foot ceiling above three windows and the front door at the other end. There will be no soaring arrangements in this funky old house!

So....more aqua and turquoise plates in different shapes and sizes, not enough to soar, but enough to fill the end wall of my dining room above my console table in an asymmetrical arrangement. 

Fred is going to be thrilled when I tell him we need to repaint the dining room (and the living room...since there's no good dividing line) in a nice grayish aqua. 
[A note about this post:  I gave up on the official Blogger app for iPhone, so today I purchased the BlogGo for Blogger app ($1.99 in the App Store). Its  features are much closer to those of the full web version of Blogger, so hopefully once I hit the "publish" button I'll have a nicely formatted post. Fingers crossed!]

[Edited to add that it worked!  I did have to log out of Blogger and log back in again, since I got error messages on several attempts to publish this post.  I proceeded to the BlogGo website to check the FAQs to figure out how to solve the problem.]

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