The lost post....things worth sharing

I just found this post languishing in the draft folder.  I wrote it back on July 7 and I have no idea why I didn't ever publish it.  Maybe I thought I had.  The links are still pretty inspiring (to me, anyway)...and I just like the fireworks pictures. 

This post from Decor 8....because it makes me feel like I should be doing a better job for my home.

Beautiful pies I'll never make, but oh....they look so good!

The beautiful header on Treasures Found::Inspiration is Everywhere....because it makes my stupid fake pears header look ridiculous.  I should at least go buy some real pears (and maybe hire a professional photographer....if only....)

Fireworks....because I love them. I was lucky to get a couple of pretty good pictures on my phone, because that isn't the ideal way to photograph them.  


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