Changes. And more than you ever wanted to know about them.

I had a day off today. A no granddaughter, no plans, no commitments kind of a day.

I should have been cleaning house, but I put in a call requesting an appointment with my new primary care physician, so I told myself that if I ran the vacuum, I would miss the return call. Of course, they never called back.

Some new tools and a small sheet of copper were delivered to my doorstep this afternoon, but I plan to spend all day Saturday and three days next week (more days off...yay!) playing with them in my studio, assuming I can dig a path to the door. Because that's how big a mess my house is right now.

this is approximately the mess that's in front of me right now, although the pic is from February

So, I've basically spent the day goofing off, watching game shows and playing games on my phone. I did unload the dishwasher and clean the kitchen (go me!). And I spent two and a half hours sitting here in front of the computer, playing with the design of my blog. This one right here. Do you see the difference? [note from Janet on 7.6.17 - the blog design has changed again, so the question, and the rest of this post, is irrelevant!]

New header, new template, new profile picture, with a lot of playing around to get them to their current state. Of course, I did steal the header photo from my Facebook business page and I have that profile picture on my Etsy "About" Page as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and my personal Facebook page. I believe in having a consistent web presence, don't you?

the original photo, before cropping and adding the blog title

I redid the photo for the header no less than five times, trying to get it to fit the new template (why isn't there anywhere on these templates that tells you the dimensions you need for the header photo?) and trying out fonts and font sizes and positions for the blog title superimposed on the photo. Every error got uploaded to the blog and saved, looking hideous while I went and played around in Paint some more. Nothing fancy like Photoshop for this woman, alas. If I had a lot of people looking at my blog, they might have been confused or amused, especially when the blog title was running off the page...but a huge audience present at all times is only in my dreams, right?

The issue of the column width was also lots of trial and error. I was really tired of the huge margins of empty white space down each side of the page, which unfortunately dated from the beginning of my blog, when I had a smaller monitor. I tried leaving the original bare bones template and just adjusting the width of the main body of my posts, but it looked terrible.  The new template with the green background behind the header seemed to make it look not quite so unfinished, but I'm not sure about the subtle blush that fades out on each side of the page as you scroll down the blog. The new column width doesn't look so great with the old Treasury Tuesday posts, since they were sized specifically for the old layout, but I guess I'll have to live with that. 

Okay, done rambling for today. It's 8:00 p.m. and I'm starving...


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