Wishin' and hopin'...

a not-very-well-edited still from a short video of Kaylee's 7th birthday party

When you're seven, all of your wishes have the possibility of coming true. It's nice to hold on to those possibilities even when we're considerably beyond the age of seven.

I wish...

  • that worry about the well-being of others, and the world at large, wasn't always at the forefront of my thoughts.
  • that I were a more organized sort of person...I have my moments, but overall, I'm just a mess.
  • that I loved to cook.
  • that I could read all the books, faster. 
  • that I was a better photographer.
  • that my studio wasn't so frigid today. I'm itching to be making things. 
  • that someone would do my bookkeeping for me...for free.
  • that I was stronger, faster, less lazy, and more motivated toward being fit.
  • that I was seven again...yeah, not really, but think of the possibilities!

What are you wishing for?


    1. That stack of pancakes looks delicious!
      I wish for an end to the constant bad news in the world. I know that bad things have always happened, but it feels like that's increased 10 times in the last year or so and it's really draining.

      1. Angela, I couldn't agree more. The past year's news has seemed particularly bad, and for sure draining.


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