Oddly enough, I have more to say on the very same day!

I was just listening to my friend Matt's music and thought I should tell you all to give him a listen, too.  It also occurred to me that I've known him (and his dear wife) for sixteen years now (long before she was his dear wife) and it's been a pleasure to hear him develop into the awesome musician, singer and songwriter that he is.  But being a musician is a struggle except for the very lucky few, so I figure if I tell a few more people about him, it can only help, even if only in a small way.  The more ears, the better!  So visit him here at his website.....the matthew show.  And while you're there, you can hear some of his music, including his monthly Acoustic Surprise, in which he covers some fantastic songs from artists you may have missed.  If you like what you hear, and I know you will, you can sign up for his email list to be kept up-to-date, or go to his links page to connect with him on Twitter (one of my favorite Twitterers, because he's not only musically talented, he's funny, smart and socially conscious!), Facebook, and numerous other social networks.  He's also got links to his favorite musicians there, all worth checking out.


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