Cats as hats and other random stuff.

Not much of anything going on around here.  Still washing dishes by hand.  Still avoiding cleaning the house as long as possible.  Still playing too much Lexulous and Bejeweled Blitz.  And it's been snowing today, but melting as fast as it hits the ground.  Yep, the same old same old stuff. 

Since my last post I made earrings for some friends' birthdays,

but nothing new for my shop.  Some ideas are brewing, but getting much needed additional supplies right now is not in the cards.  And Mom's birthday is just a little over two weeks away....what to do, what to do?

Last night our eldest cat, Gracie, decided to spend the night on my pillow.  No matter how much I shoved, she just would not move.  My head was warm, anyway (if my friend Barb is reading this, she is probably aghast at the thought of sharing a pillow with a cat!).  Fred reported that the other two cats prevented him from having any place to put his feet (I'm not sure exactly what he did, but I picture him with his feet dangling awkwardly to the floor all night....brrr!).  Just before I went to bed, though, I snapped these pictures of Twinkie in his favorite evening spot...




He looks comfortable, doesn't he?  It's just a tad warmer on the back of the living room sofa at night than it is in his usual daytime spot on the back of the family room sofa with a view out the picture window.  And he doesn't need to keep an eye on the birds and squirrels when it's dark.

Back to doing laundry now.  Oh, and my laundry room/jewelry studio is getting closer (finally!) to being a reality.  The new floor is in, thanks to dear ol' Fred (I got my checkerboard floor...YAY!).  Just some painting and  lighting and organizing left to do. 


  1. I love the pictures of the cat, just makes me want to stretch out for a nap too;)
    Great news on the flooring, one thing at a time & you'll have your room done!
    (I spend too much time on the computer too, don't tell anyone!;)


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