I planned to quit procrastinating...

then decided....I should wait.

If any of you are fans of Robert Earl Keen, you know that is a line from one of his songs.  If you're a friend on Facebook, you may also know that I've listed it as my favorite quote there.  Today it is perfect for my blog post title, because it's exactly how I feel after spending the afternoon looking at various Excel spreadsheets and information online for tips on getting my bookkeeping in order in order (yep, two "in orders") to figure out what I need to prepare our tax return.

Can I just say "aaarrrggghhh"?  What's the matter with me?  Why haven't I gotten a handle on this stuff before now?  'Cause I'm a big, stoopid, why-do-today-what-you-can-put-off-'til-next-week-month-year sort of person, that's why!

I should have made this my New Year's resolution....like....last year!  Of course, I didn't open my Etsy shop until April of 2009.  I spent about a month or so before that randomly buying supplies and making things, testing the waters with a couple of birthday gifts for friends.  Finally, I played the April Fool by listing my first few items on April first.  Just a few pairs of earrings, all very naive, but it was a start.  Almost immediately I got a request to make some custom bracelets, but it was three months before I'd make my first sale online.

Six sales later and I've learned a lot.  New techniques, new materials, how to trust my own design instincts and how to turn inspiration into originality.  And I've learned how to better manage my shop.  My most recent lightbulb moment was to quit deleting the listings I sell offline (my offline business continues to be much better than my online business).  Now I  just make them inactive, so I can still see them and be reminded of the original descriptions and listing prices.  That should come in handy for getting the bookkeeping up-to-date.  I'll look into that tomorrow, okay?

Meanwhile, let's find a picture of something....


(Gracie sitting in some shoes...why not?)


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