I'm looking through you.

Silly me, I just reread every post I've ever made here.  It seemed a good idea at the time.  And there are only 45 of them so far.  It still took a while....and I had already spent a good amount of time reading current posts on several other blogs that I follow. 

What did I discover?  Mostly that my blog is full of gaps.  Huge gaps between posts sometimes.  Promises made to say something later and then the gap left by the unfulfilled promise.  Sort of reminds me of one of my mom's favorite terms....gaposis....which is when there are embarrassing and unsightly gaps between the buttons of your shirt.

Then I thought about my last post and realized that the next post is scheduled and will have the same title.   I think there needs to be more of a gap between posts with the same title, so I here I am saying nothing pertinent at all, just filling the gap for once.  All in an effort to help stomp out blog gaposis. 

Of course, even a blog about gaps must have a picture.  No picture gaps here, thank you very much. 

Do you see the bird?  There.  Through the gap. 


  1. My mom used to say gaposis too! I haven't heard it in years. Thanks for filling in that gap.


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