On a showery day!

Saturday we prepared for Baby Kaylee's arrival with a shower hosted by my niece Sarah, my sisters-in-law Claudia and Karen and myself.  It's still about ten weeks before Kaylee is due to arrive, but we wanted to have at least one party that Sarah could attend, since she only had a few days that she could get here from Portland.  Jen and Sarah are just a few months apart in age and both only children and the only girls in the family, so they grew up more like sisters than cousins.  Sarah is planning to be Auntie Sarah to Kaylee!

Of course, we've had beautiful days all around the planned date, but the day of the shower was not only showery, but downright stormy, so we were worried about some of the guests, especially those driving over from the Dallas area.  Thankfully they all made it here safely and the weather cleared by the time they needed to make the return trip.

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  1. I don't see it, except her smile and her nose seem similar. We were looking at pictures of my mom when she was younger and Jen really looks like her. I've always looked more like my dad than my mom.


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