Much to do about something.

The rest of the year just chugs along, then here comes December and suddenly it's flying by at warp speed.  I know it didn't do that when I was a kid.  Back then, December was at least twice as long as any of those other months, except maybe the ones that fell between May and September.

Here it is, December 15th, and our Christmas tree is standing naked and forlorn in the dining room, gifts are purchased for only two of the nine recipients on my list, the Christmas cards are still in their box and the house is a mess.

The dining room is also the current resting place of an unassembled crib, waiting for a mattress and bedding and a spot in the master bedroom.  The excitement of granddaughter Kaylee's imminent arrival has me wanting to run out the door and purchase every baby item a grandmother's house should have.

So today is looming before me (no, wait, I haven't even been to bed yet!) with so much that I need to do and a definite need to prioritize. 
  1. go to bed as soon as I've finished this post
  2. get up and dressed again
  3. have tea and breakfast and check email, but stay away from the games on Facebook :)
  4. photograph and list earrings on Etsy
  5. have lunch
  6. clear out the corner of the bedroom and vacuum
  7. wash dishes
  8. have another cup of tea
  9. shop with Jen if she feels up to it after work
  10. have dinner
  11. shop online for crib bedding
  12. sadly deactivate the coupon code in my Etsy shop and consider whether I will ever try it again
  13. figure out how to turn off this list feature on the blog editor
Okay....long list, but no room for tree decorating or house cleaning that is not in the bedroom.  And look, it's already Christmas! 


Well, not really, but that's how slow I am, so it might very well be Christmas before I finish the list of chores for today.  I wonder if I could just hang a really big photo of last year's tree in the living room.  Do you think anyone would notice?


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