The pause that refreshes

Apparently I needed a six-month-long break to spark my desire to create.  I had done such a rush of jewelry-making during the fall to get ready for my first craft sale that I think I dried up all the creative juices I had.  Add in the arrival of sweet Kaylee and spending so much of my time to help care for her when Jennifer went back to work and I found all sorts of excuses not to get back into my studio.

But wait!  I want to do this, right?  I want to make beautiful things!  So I eased my way back into production mode,    v  e  r  y   s  l  o  w  l  y .  First, earrings for Jen's birthday.  Then, a necklace commemorating her first Mother's Day....which led to a request to recreate it for one of her friends.  Meanwhile, I was driving around thinking of jewelry designs, lying in bed thinking of jewelry designs, mentally cataloging materials I had on hand. The birthday earrings reminded me that there were lots of beautiful glass beads, just waiting to be combined into something that I've wanted to make for a long time.  So a couple of weeks ago I finally sat down and got to work...

I also remembered that I've had these for a couple of years and I've only used four of them...

Yes, I really, really wanted to make something out of those! 

Yes, the pictures are something of a tease, I know, but the finished pieces, plus a couple more, are ready to hit the pages of Etsy, hopefully later today.  I've done all the polishing and photographing and pricing (the three Ps!) and I'm so relieved that I've actually made something!  Hopefully I'll keep making something until I run out of silver and then I'll probably be back begging you all to please buy something so I can order more.  Seriously, have you seen the price of silver?

Update, Wednesday 7/13:  It took me two days to post my new items, but they're listed as of last night.  You can see them in my shop widget at the right or click through to my shop and check the top row of listings (don't forget to buy something while you're there (see, I told you I'd be begging for buyers!)).  Now I need to make more...lots more.


  1. I am so glad you are back making some jewelry. I understand the dilemma of having something you want to do, but setting time aside for it. I will check out your etsy for the new pieces. (and yes, silver is way high!)

  2. Thanks, Jan! I still haven't gotten the new pieces listed, but I'll be getting them up this evening.


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