Pretty things for special people

I love it when I can make something especially for a specific person.  My happiness was multiplied by two when I got to do it for two very special brides-to-be, sisters who just happen to be the daughters of Bunko Babe Cindy.  Although I only got a picture of one, these very nearly identical bracelets were created from pearls that belonged to Cindy's mother.  They were a surprise for Lauren and Kristen, but now that Mom has presented them, I can show off the finished design here.  I can't wait to see how they look on Kristen's wedding day in October and Lauren's in March.

The necklace below was made not to be worn by a specific person, but inspired by a specific person.  It will be among many items to be auctioned at a Bocce tournament next Sunday to help raise funds for the Vellinga family.  Mike Vellinga is a former Texas Brahmas hockey player whose wife Andrea was one of the victims of the stage collapse at the Sugarland concert in Indiana on August 13th.  She sustained critical injuries and has a long recovery ahead of her, with ever-mounting medical expenses. When I saw the fuchsia ribbons that the local hockey wives and players were selling to help raise money, I knew that these stones in Andrea's favorite color would be perfect for a necklace to contribute to the auction items.  


  1. Beautiful jewelry, Janet. I love the idea of making something new out of older pieces.

    The fuchsia necklace is very pretty.


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