Sweet Pete

A certain young lady turned eight months old last Sunday. Her grandmother is just slow at posting pictures.

Twinkie is not that impressed.

At her house, surrounded by colorful toys, she's still trying to grab my phone.

A blur of hands trying to catch a blur of Harley's tail.

Shiner looks concerned.

Got it!

I turned around from picking up the mail next to the front door and she was missing from her quilt.  

So far, the only direction she goes is backward.  She does a good job as a dust mop, though.

I think she rolled over here just to check the clock on the wall in the hallway.  Perhaps that was her intent all along.

Peek-a-boo, Jancey!  I'm sure next week I'll find her standing instead of just sitting herself up.

Boning up on her trivia by watching "Jeopardy".

Mmmmm, carrots!  And give me that camera!


  1. What an adorable granddaughter you have!

  2. She's adorable, and growing up so fast!


  3. My favorite blogs are the ones with pictures of Miss Kaylee- keep em comin!

  4. Thanks, all!

    Beth, they're not the greatest pictures, mostly being in low light and taken with my phone....and of course she's moving much faster than she used to, while I'm moving slower. :)


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