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It's been way too long since I've done a Kaylee post. So here's some of this morning's action...

You might have noticed in the video that she has a purse sitting on the floor. Her new favorite thing! One day last week she had four that she was trying to carry at once. By the next day, I made sure her selection was narrowed down to just one, but she's played with it every day that she's been here. This morning she was toting around the remotes to the TV and the Roku player, as well as several small toys and my phone. She carries more things in her bag than I do, usually.

Speaking of the Roku remote, here she is trying to turn on her Pandora station.  I started playing music on Pandora for her when she was tiny, usually for an hour or so, and I would dance with her or sing along.  Now she would be glad to have it on all day.

And she likes to go out to eat.  Last week my mom and I took her to Mimi's (this is confusing when we talk about going to Mimi's, the restaurant, with Mimi, my mom).  Whenever I ask her if she's hungry, she says "Cheese?", so of course I got her some macaroni and cheese for lunch.  She also loves drinking milk through a straw and playing with the crayons.

Since I've been going in reverse chronological order for this whole post, I'll finish off with Easter, which fell on Jen's birthday this year.  I had fun celebrating with Jen and Kaylee!


  1. Adorable!!! I love Kaylee posts!

  2. She just keeps getting cuter & cuter! Loved watching the video & seeing the photos.

  3. Kaylee is adorable. I love watching her walk and listening to her chatter.


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