Just a few things....

So today I'm back with an update on the Arlington Courts Spring Market.  I really enjoyed the facility, Arlington Courts Elite Volleyball, and my booth neighbors as well as all the other vendors I got a chance to talk to.  And I sold eight items, which isn't bad at all (for once I sold something to someone I didn't know!).

Since these three items never made it to my Etsy shop (and two of them never got the full photography experience), I thought I'd commemorate them here.  I know they're happy in their new homes.

Today I'm sending in an application for another show. I'll be sure to update you on the details if I get in.

In the meantime, in-between time, I will let you know that I'm having an APRIL SALE in my shop.  I marked down 20 items...sort of a combination clearance sale and Etsy-versary celebration.  I listed my very first items for sale on April 1, 2009 (thank heavens none of the stuff I marked down is THAT old!).  Be sure to check it out, since I haven't decided what I'll do with those prices when April is over.  You never know, I might just mark them UP!


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