There's a hole in the bucket...

Did you notice that there was no Treasury Tuesday last week?  Maybe it will return this Tuesday....who knows?  Life gets hectic and I get lazy, which is never a good combination, is it?  Well, yes it is, when you've got a super cute toddler contributing to the hectic-ness. 

Chasing Ruby has become a very popular activity.  At least Ruby will stop to be petted, unlike Gracie who hides behind the bed, prompting numerous trips behind the night table for Kaylee...and numerous trips for Jancey to rescue her when she gets stuck.  Twinkie simply runs around the house in terror until someone lets him out the door.  He doesn't have sense enough to hide. He's not the brightest of cats, but he makes up for it in size and sweetness.

We had a visit last week from Beth (one of the famous Bunko Babes) and her beautiful granddaughter Charlotte, who is almost two full months younger than Kaylee.  Lots of pictures were taken, but this is my favorite.  Charlotte spotted the bounty of toys that Kaylee loves to play with (and sleep with) in her crib, so she wanted to get in and play with them too.  So in they went together and they were so cute handing toys back and forth to each other.

We did eventually let them out to play in the living room, of course.  I hope we can do it again soon, although Charlotte doesn't live close.

It's been a little over a week since I did the Tomarrow for Emma event.  Only one sale there, which was sad, since it was a charity event and we were asked to donate half our profit from sales made there.  I made it up in the best way that I could.  Overall it was a lovely event and the venue couldn't have been better, in spite of the crazy wind that wanted to blow everything away.  I discovered that the large binder clips I just happened to have in my big orange suitcase worked great for clipping the tablecloth to the table leg braces....once I managed to make the tablecloth actually land on the table, that is.  It was touch and blow there for a few minutes.

I started out with the jewelry trees on the right side of the table and the jewelry boxes on the left, but the necklaces wanted to blow off the end of the table and the lid kept blowing closed on the black box, so I switched them around.  That arrangement worked out better, except that the frame for my new little credit card sign kept blowing over and the necklaces kept blowing into a tangle.

I really need to launder that tablecloth and take all those creases out of it, don't I?  I literally took it straight out of the package at the last show and haven't done anything about it since.  Let's zoom in and see the bracelet I sold....there it is....the "uncolorful" one in the aqua saucer....

My new 5-foot fold-in-half table worked out nicely.  So did my big folding chair, which I eventually moved to the end of the table so that I could hop up to talk to lookers (plenty of lookers, only one buyer).   I was able to drive my car to within ten feet of my booth, too, so it was super easy to unload and then reload when the show was over.  Wouldn't it be nice if they were all so easy?

I've signed up to do another charity craft sale back in Arlington on August 11th.  I hope I can find at least one more to fit in between now and then.  I've got to start recouping my investment in display furniture and accessories.

I've probably rambled on enough for now.  Fred has finished mowing and has taken to the sofa and Netflix, so I think I'll join him.  Vacuuming and a trip to Starbucks for a happy hour Frappuccino are on the agenda for later...not necessarily in that order.


  1. Chasing your little granddaughter is important work.

    Sorry there wasn't a better turn out for the charity sale.
    That is a bummer to go to all that trouble. There must not have been many people there.

  2. It wasn't very busy, mostly kids enjoying the bounce houses and petting zoo. They had three or four bands playing inside the church in the afternoon, with a $10 admission price but I really didn't see many people going in for that. I think they did sell a lot of raffle tickets. Maybe if they'd really publicized the fact that the vendors were donating half of their profits, maybe people would have bought more.


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