A week of Etsy treasuries, day 5

Another treasury title and theme that caught my eye.  Different and fun!

'traveling with magic' by brendabeerhorstshop

we all need the hope of a fairy-tale

Three Wood buttons Handmade ...

Greeting Card with mermaid

Cottage Recycled Rag Rug

Vintage Leather Boots Men ...

Antique Cast Iron Begging Be...

Hippie Short Dress/ Tunic Dr...

FRINGES LIGHT - square cotto...

Le Merveilleux 'Half Apr...

Carved Porcelain Fruit Bowl

nymeria the direwolf - game ...

Wax Canvas Messenger Bag

Hand Embroidery Hoop - Make ...

Plain Head Scarf - Grass Gre...

Size 9 - Mid Maple Thong RTW...

Hand carved wooden spoon: Ma...

Vintage Metal Bucket with Ha...


  1. Can you imagine having to make your own buttons?

  2. Not unless I really wanted some different and unusual buttons. For everything, no way! :)


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