Housecleaning time

Wait a minute.  I don't like cleaning house.  I'm a terrible house-cleaner.  Truly terrible.  So I refuse.  I'm not cleaning until I have to.  I just cleaned it last week, for Pete's sake.  I can't say I did that good a job of it then, even though the Bunko Babes were coming over.  I should be good until those Keno Krazies show up in a couple of weeks, right?

I put socks on Kaylee's hands..the only way any dusting ever gets done around here.

Oh, never mind.  That's not what this post is about at all, at least not about cleaning the house that I live in.  It's really about cleaning up this space.  This space right here in the blogosphere.  More specifically the sidebar, where that really lengthy blog roll resides.  I'm fed up with clicking on those blogs that haven't been updated in a year.  Not to mention the one that suddenly says I'm not authorized to view it.  I don't even really like those that have a page that says "You're on your way to TypePad".  Really, that wouldn't be so bad if my U-Promise TurboSaver thingy didn't insist on telling me how much money I could save there.  I don't need to save money hosting my blog there, when it's free here, all right?  Of course, if it's a really good blog, I won't delete it just because of that TypePad thing.  

So that space that says  "a few too many of my favorite blogs" is about to have fewer of those blogs in it.  Of course, I don't guarantee that it will stay in its shortened state for long.  You should see how many blogs I'm actually following.  

My question for you, dear readers (all four of you) you actually check out any of the blogs that I list in my blog roll?  Do you only want to see certain types of blogs listed?  Would you like to see them categorized in any way?  Do you have some terrific blogs that you're following that deserve a spot on my blog roll?  Let me know about them, please!

Well, off I go to see who's going to get the ax.  I'm sure I won't hurt anyone's feelings, since they probably never read my blog anyway.  I'll be sure to put some nice cushy socks on my hands while I do the dirty work.


  1. Janet, i am not sure why my comment didn't go through, but the gist of it was I like for the post dates to show with the blog titles so i can see when they have been updated


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