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This little girl will be 20 months old next week.  That hardly seems possible.  But she's growing so fast and learning so much.  Last week she started Parents' Day Out, which she loves, with four other little girls and four little boys. 

She talks all the time....well, she's always talked a lot, it's just that she's finally using more of our language than her own.  Learning English is hard, but she adapts.  Here are some of the words in her almost-20-month vocabulary, with their translations....

Mimmie = Minnie Mouse, her most favorite character of all
nink = drink
nanket = blanket
backback = backpack, either the tiny toddler-sized one she carries to PDO, or Dora the Explorer
Boop = Boots, Dora's monkey sidekick
deet-deet = her pacifier
beeb = bib
bapple = apple
Yanney, Mama & Mamoo = me, a.k.a. Jancey
BopBop = Grampa, a.k.a. Fred
Cici = Gracie, one of the cats at Jancey's house
at = hat, or Cat in the Hat, or her bowl when she's finished eating out of it and puts it on her head
Hey! = Arthur, the aardvark in the cartoon series of the same name
ishies = any fish, or goldfish crackers
nummynummy = anything she likes to eat
hunny = bunny
sheez = cheese
hom = ham
teedee = TV

Of course, she also says plenty of other words correctly, but like her mommy before her, she has to have her own vocabulary.  She's also very interested in learning far she knows O, E and I.  She loves to look at pictures of her mommy and daddy...."My Mommy and MY Daddy!"....and herself (she's Baby in the youngest pictures and Kaydee in current ones).  And she's become a champion at saying "Hi!", "Hello" and "Bye-bye".  She told me "bye-bye" about fifteen times as she was leaving this evening. 


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