Happy Etsy-versary to me

If you visit my Etsy shop, you might notice that the date listed as the opening of my shop is March 30, 2009, but I listed my very first few items on April 1st (no fooling!).  I only listed five items that first day and this is the only one of those first listings that ever sold through my shop...my third sale, on August 19th.

By then I had also started this blog, so I was excited to reveal my first Etsy sale as one of my very first blog posts.  I really loved this necklace and it was a thrill to ship it off to California.

The matching earrings sold about three weeks later, to a different customer.

The rest of those first few items either sold in person or they ended up being given away, although I actually still have one pair of earrings, abandoned when the matching bracelet sold.  I keep them around to remind me how very unskilled I was when I made those first pieces, using tiny, inexpensive beads and store-bought earring wires and head pins.  I've learned a lot since then, so I hope that what you see now in my shop reflects that.


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