Oh where, oh where has my little blog gone?

Have you noticed that I've been missing for a couple of weeks?  No Treasury Tuesday last week, still none this week, and nothing else happening at all.  Of course, that just means that everything else has been happening in my real life (if this blog was my real life, it would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?). 

On April 13th, I participated in the first ever Pop-Up Market on Magnolia Green on the Near Southside of Fort Worth.  We had lovely weather and a great turnout of shoppers, so many thanks to Jamie and Jason Brown for an excellent first effort.  I was of course in a mad rush to get some more of my best-selling earrings made for the show.  I made a total of six pairs, three in colored copper and three in sterling, but somehow while packing everything up the night before, the sterling ones vanished.  I sold eight pairs of earrings and had a request for a custom order, making for a very successful day.  I'll be back for the May 11th market and hopefully several more, as it's scheduled monthly through October.  Here are some pictures....

the premiere of my canopy....it makes my table look tiny

a bit of my display

the view from behind my table

my favorite visitor

the village of canopies from the northwest corner

picture courtesy of Pop-Up Market

The time since Pop-Up Market was filled with sad news from Boston, a great evening with the Bunko Babes, lunch with friends, another great evening with the Wednesday Night Book Club, more sad news from the little town of West, a weekend at Lake Limestone with the Bunko Babes, Keno at my house on Sunday evening and a lot more of this little girl....

a girl's got to have a happy meal with a toy now and then!

So who's got time for a blog?   Not me, apparently.


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