F. R. I. D. A. Y.

Shameless plug.

Happy Friday. Things are perking along toward Christmas, but thankfully it's still early enough in December that I'm not quite in panic mode yet. I have one last show to do tomorrow. Four show weekends in a row felt a little crazy, but they've flown by...with good to great results. Come Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, I'll be ready to switch gears and finish up Christmas shopping (I'm about halfway through as of now), put up my new tree and make this place look as merry and bright as it's going to get.

Today's links are all about food and fun and a little simple holiday decor...and shopping...

How to throw a dinner party without a table.

Make a pot of white chili. 

Make this chocolate peanut butter fudge for a sweet and simple dessert.

Make a festive and simple candle holder.

Festoon the place with some lovely garland. 

And if you happen to be in the North Central Texas area tomorrow, come see me at The Cowtown Indie Bazaar.

P.S. - I'll also have two pieces of jewelry featured in The Artful Bead's pop-up shop at Nordstrom at Northeast Mall on Saturday, December 16th.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.


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