Treasury Tuesday

Today I'm thankful that I can bring you two lovely treasuries.  The first will get you in the mood for Thanksgiving, compliments of beesters.  Many of the items shown have sold, but the composition and theme of this treasury is so eye-pleasing.  And they got me with the inclusion of the vintage Scrabble board.  Be sure to check out the super cute stuffed stuff in their Etsy shop at the link above.

The second treasury provides a nice contrast to the first....and it just happens to feature my Baby Gems necklace!  Thanks so much to Hagarae and be sure to visit her shop to see her amazing fiber art jewelry.  And don't be surprised if you see more of her beautifully curated treasuries featured here in the future.  

As always, just click on the treasury image to be taken to its page on Etsy.

Now, just a little more business to attend to (I hope you're still reading!).  Remember that I told you quite a few posts back that I'd be participating in my first craft show?  Well, it's almost here!  So if you are anywhere near the Fort Worth-Dallas area this coming Saturday, November 20th, be sure to drop by Everman United Methodist Church at 530 Townley Drive* in Everman.  Their Spectacular Fall Bazaar will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and admission is $2, benefitting various church programs.  There will be a variety of vendors (me, me!) selling their wares...perfect for checking off all the recipients on your Christmas list or picking up that last-minute birthday gift for ME....and I'll be happy to point out everything I like, if you're not sure what to buy ME!   Hey, it's all about ME here, okay?  :)

*Yikes, I keep putting the wrong address for the church everywhere!  It's been corrected above.  You'd think I can't read or something!


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