Will success spoil jgrumbling?

Here I am, back to report that the Spectacular Fall Bazaar was a success!  I took an inventory of forty-six items and sold nine, which I think wasn't too bad for a rather small show and my first show experience.  I just got an email from the organizers saying that they also considered their first bazaar a success, with twenty-five vendors and approximately 150 visitors in six hours.  I hope they'll invite me back if they do it again next year!

I really want to thank my dear friend Kathy for coming to help me at my table, as well as all the friends and family who came and not only shopped at my table but at those of the other vendors as well.  I bought things from seven of the other vendors, myself.

Here are a few pictures from the show...

My table, with my awesome custom banner from JumpUpAndDown.  I need to find a deeper-toned tablecloth and hang the banner so that the M and B don't overlap next time.

That's Kathy sitting at the table. She was wearing jewelry that I'd made for her, even changing earrings and bracelet midway through the day!  She did a great job chatting up the customers, as I knew she would.  

I used a black iron fruit basket filled with (fake) pears to hang some of the necklaces and a black iron plate rack (need to find some pear-themed plates with the right diameter!) to add more height and display a few items. As you can probably tell, pears are us me.  And look at the great lighting at Kaye's table next to mine (that's Kaye in the blue shirt).  I really think I got lucky in the placement of my assigned table, since it was on the far wall directly across from the entrance, with Kaye's lights drawing the eye of so many visitors that came straight across the fellowship hall to start their browsing, with my table being the first in line and Kaye's second.  Kaye makes lovely stained glass crosses with vintage bottles as their bases (Witt's End Stained Glass Crosses, email gkwitt@swbell.net), so they were shown off beautifully, and both my jewelry and the vintage jewelry of my friends Janey and Dianne at the table beyond Kaye's benefited from the added light! 

There's Dianne at the top with her vintage jewelry selections.  She shared a table with Janey (that's her in the center picture looking toward the camera while our friend Shirley browses the table).  The bottom photo shows Janey's great selection of Christmas pins.  Be sure to check out her huge collection of vintage jewelry on Etsy.  Her shop is called BroochOnMyBack59!

I hope to try my hand at some more craft shows, so I'll be sure to bug you all mercilessly about them when I do!


  1. I wore the necklace I bought Saturday evening and had several compliments on it.

  2. I'm so glad! I was really pleased with the way that necklace turned out. :)


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