Treasury Tuesday

Time to start getting into the Christmas spirit, so please pass the eggnog! 

This intoxicating treasury was created by MullishMuse, who very nicely included my Eccentric Circles necklace.  Be sure to visit her shop to find....celebrity finger puppets!  And be sure to note that they can be converted into holiday ornaments, just in case your tree needs a tiny Justin Bieber, or perhaps you're more the Hunter S. Thompson type. 

As always, click the treasury image to be taken directly to its page on Etsy, since I know you want a better look at my necklace!


  1. I want to check out your sale, but then again I know I might go on a spending spree!

  2. But of course, you'd be spending 20% less! :)

    I'm still working on listing all the new items that I made for the craft sale, but hopefully I'll get some new things made and listed, too.


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