It's about time

I have out-procrastinated myself .  I can't keep waiting until I've "finished" my new jewelry workspace, because not only is it nowhere near ready, but it's quite likely that even when it's in working order, it will still be a work-in-progress.  But I have put off my actual jewelry making for weeks now and it's not good to not be productive when you hope to be able to sell your work.

So today I marched myself into the jewelry/laundry studio (I'm almost inclined to call it an emporium...maybe I'll make a sign for the door) and hauled out the bare minimum of jewelry making supplies to finish up several pieces over the next couple of days.  It was sort of nice to be back at the dining table.  And I enjoyed the Peter Sellers marathon on TCM.  Perhaps someday I'll be able to afford a TV and cable for the emporium.

I worked on a pair of earrings that I started several weeks ago.  They are a mixed stone/mixed metal combination that I was very excited about, but I was timid about oxidizing silver, even though I knew it was the look I wanted.  I didn't really want to get into the liver of sulfur method of oxidizing, so here is my first attempt at using eggs for that purpose.


I think that's the prettiest hard-boiled egg I've produced in years (and yes, it's still in it's pretty brown shell and whacked into quarters).  If it hadn't been a three-month-old egg that I boiled I would have been tempted to just have a snack.  And there in the center are the previously shiny handmade ear wires that I carefully created this afternoon.  They're not quite as dark as I'd envisioned them, but I'll leave them overnight and see if I need to egg them again tomorrow.  I'll be back to show you the finished earrings when I've got it right.  

Then it's on to completing a custom order for five matching necklaces.  The deadline is way in the future, so I haven't really felt pressed to complete it (sorry, L).  But I think having it hovering in the back of my mind is blocking me from moving on to anything else.  It's been a tricky one from the start, because I had to order many of the elements required from other Etsy sellers.  Since no one seller had everything I needed, I found it difficult to get good color and quality matches for some of the stones that were required.  I think I've finally got all the supplies, so now I just need to get my act together and get it done.

That reminds me.  I need to order more head pins.  More wire.  No more beads or stones for a while, though.  You should see how many I have.  Perhaps I'll show you soon. 


  1. So cool mixing science and jewelry making- impressive!

  2. Beth, it did remind me of polishing pennies and old silverware in the sixth grade. I don't remember now if we also deliberately tarnished anything.


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