So here's what I did...

As reported in my last post, I decided to get to work and create some stuff. So here are the earrings that are complete after oxidizing the ear wires. [note: you can click on any of the pictures and get a bigger this case huge]

Although the oxidation is not very dark, it's a nice contrast to the copper and touches of shiny silver.  I'm not sure about the little puff-ball silver rings, but I think they work with the theme.  Those Brazilian agate beads reminded me of "Smoke on the Water" so I was determined to bring in more smoky elements, like the smoky topaz rondelles and the oxidized silver.  I think those little puffs look like tiny rain clouds coming to wash the smoke away.

I also completed the five necklaces that I told you about.  Here's a teaser shot of those, since they are gifts and you never know who might be looking.

I also created a new bracelet with matching earrings.  The bracelet drove me nuts and took hours to make (and I'd already spent a good five hours on those necklaces).  I was stringing fluorite cube beads on super fine sterling chain, but some of them required enlarging the holes.  Having never worked with fluorite before, I didn't know that they would simply flake apart anywhere that there was a microscopic fracture in the stone.  No wonder some of those beads already had corners missing.  I completely destroyed two of them.  So the bracelet isn't perfect, but handmade shouldn't be perfect, right?   I won't post a picture of the earrings, but you'll be able to see them in my Etsy shop....just as soon as I head over and get them listed.



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