Long time no me

I just realized it's been ten days since my last post. I've just been busy with living in general and cleaning out my dump of a laundry room so I can move my jewelry-making operation from the dining room table to a more permanent location. That means I also haven't really been making any jewelry, not for a couple of weeks, anyway. Not even trying to lure people to my shop via Twitter and Facebook. I did make my second sale on Etsy, though. This business of selling online is a slow and tedious thing. At least I'm still selling offline, thanks to my lovely friends and family.

I'm a slow worker and easily distracted (by Lexulous and Bejeweled Blitz, can you believe it?), so I don't know when I'll actually have my workspace set up. Fortunately there's a wall of cabinets in there with a big counter-height desk area in the middle. I need to add some lighting over the desk and figure out what to do with the golf clubs and vacuum cleaner and the huge pile of paint cans that are currently in residence. It's tough living in a house with only three closets. Invariably some room turns into a closet. It's happened in our two previous houses, each of which had at least four closets.

At some point we need to redo the floor in the laundry room. It's an old unfinished project, where white ceramic tiles were laid on the plywood sub-floor, but wouldn't stick, so the edge pieces were never cut and the tile was never grouted. I'm leaning to old-fashioned solid vinyl tiles, the kind with the colored flecks in them. I'd really like to go wild with some of the bright colors available, either several colors randomly placed, or a checkerboard of two colors. There seems to be some Fred-resistance to my scheme, however.

Well, I've piddled (yep, piddled) around with this project all week and really haven't made that much progress. Now it's Friday night and I have stuff everywhere and the Keno gals are coming to my house Sunday evening. That means I've got to get the house put into decent shape tomorrow, especially the dining room, kitchen and bathroom. I don't want to be cleaning all day Sunday when I'm also trying to cook. I'm serving oven-barbecued brisket, macaroni salad and broccoli slaw with raisins and peanuts. Dessert will be Blue Bell strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream and CAKE BALLS! How's that for a tease? Goodnight...


  1. checking comment posting, since a friend couldn't get hers to post.


  2. I'm glad you piddled AROUND your projects and not on them. It messes them up when you piddle ON them.

  3. You're just silly! Thanks for helping me check out the comment conundrum!

  4. Hi Janet, just checking in to say hi.

  5. Okay, so I'm silly. It's my birthday! I have a right to be silly.

  6. Certainly, you have a right to be silly...birthday or not. I hope it was happy!


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