Tuesday Things

A few things that inspired me today.....

This guest post by Margarita from the Chocolate Creative blog, which appeared on one of my favorite blogs, decor8. Margarita's home is beautiful! I'm so glad Holly asked her to post at decor8. She's got lots of other great guest bloggers lined up, too, while she moves herself to Germany. Happy moving, Holly!

Ruby peacefully napping in the sunshine by the back door. She'd had a busy morning tormenting Twinkie and Gracie and playing with another clicking bug.

These ingredients that eventually became a pea salad that even made Fred say "This has a really good flavor!" A rare compliment from Fred, and it was the dill and the Vidalia onion that gave it that special something. And yes, I know that jar of dill weed is marked 7/01 on the top. Yes, it's an eight-year-old jar of dill. Honestly, I don't know how that wandered from the recesses of that tiny, impossible-to-see-into cabinet next to the range hood. I know I finished off a much newer jar of dill recently, because even though I don't like to cook and avoid it whenever possible, I use dill and oregano with abandon when I do cook. But I used that antique dill and it was just fine. Perhaps dill improves with age?

And these stone beads that I bought last week. I keep getting them out and looking at them. They're so pretty! Big smooth rondelle shapes all of the same size, just waiting for me to hook them up with some nice sterling wire and work them into something wonderful. There are only two pair that match, so I'm thinking I'll make those into earrings and divide the rest into two very simple linked bracelets. Maybe one set with shiny silver and one with oxidized silver? I think I may need to just gaze at them for a while longer. Play with them. Hold them up to the light. Feel the roughness of that pale, mottled blue one. Sigh.

Did anything inspire you today? I want to hear about it...pretty please! Pretty please with dill on top?


  1. Just trying another test to make sure that one wasn't a fluke...........

  2. No fluke for you, Margaret, just a mystery as to why other comments aren't showing up at all.


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